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About Alliance Motor Group

VBoston Associates, Inc. dba Alliance Motor Group started in October of 2001 as a partnership between two Volkswagen and Audi enthusiasts who saw an opportunity to capitalize on their existing relationships within the financial services industry to re‑market off‑lease German vehicles.

Full scale retail operations began in 2003 at our current Melrose, MA location. Sales have seen remarkable growth, with the latest figures approaching $2 million annually.

Today, Alliance Motor Group is a fully licensed and bonded retail vehicle dealership specializing in late‑model Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. The majority of our inventory consists of off‑lease vehicles sourced directly from VW Credit and Audi Financial.

Our business model is oriented towards Internet marketing to reach our potential clientele. We focus on very detailed listings on eBay Motors,,, Craigslist and our own website. Our listings aim to facilitate long‑distance vehicle purchasing by providing a very high level of disclosure, a large number of clear high‑resolution photos, and a very comprehensive description of features, options, and mechanical and cosmetic condition for each vehicle.

In particular, our eBay reputation is stellar. Since the very beginning of our operations over 8 years ago, we have been able to achieve a 100% positive feedback rating, consisting purely of vehicle sales (no filler feedback). Please take a moment to read customer comments and review our flawless feedback rating on our audiforyou user ID. A few years ago, we listed our Volkswagen inventory under a separate user ID (yourvw), which also carried a 100% positive feedback rating. That user ID is not in use since we recently decided to consolidate both Audi and VW sales under the audiforyou user ID.

Daily life in pictures

Business picking up in 2004



After a good day of inventory purchasing (2005)

The Big Three (2009)

Interesting projects

Our GIAC Stage 3- A6 2.7T project car (sold)

Same car on the dyno, 361hp

Our A4 2.0T project car (sold)

Our EPL Stage 3 allroad 2.7T project car (sold)

Does it say W12 on there?! Why yes, yes it does.

Gracing our shop for a day: a friend's GT-R

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you a licensed dealership?
Yes. We are fully licensed and bonded. As a result, you will likely be able to obtain lower rates on your financing if you buy from us.

Are you a franchised dealership?
No. We are not a VW or Audi store and have no affiliation with Volkswagen of America or Audi USA. We are an independent dealership.

Do you provide financing?
Yes, we finance. Please complete our online financing application. In addition to providing financing directly, we also accept loan checks from any other financial institution. In particular, we recommend the services of AAA Financial Services and Digital Federal Credit Union to find financing best suited to your needs.

Do you take trades?
Yes. Offers for your trade‑in vehicle are based on current Kelley Blue Book data.

I am a Massachusetts customer. Will you provide me with everything I need to register the vehicle in MA?
Yes, you will be provided with the vehicle title and RMV‑1 form. The only stop you'll need to make before the Registry of Motor Vehicles is your insurance agent, who will create an insurance policy for you and stamp the RMV‑1 form. If necessary, we can recommend an insurance agency for you.

I am an out‑of‑state customer. Can you provide a license plate so I can drive my new vehicle home?
In most cases you will be able to register the vehicle or obtain temporary plates in your home state prior to your vehicle pick‑up. However, for cases when this is impossible we have dealer plates on hand. You will be able to use one for your trip home and will be asked to ship it back upon arrival.

Will I have to pay sales tax?
All Massachusetts residents pay 6.25% sales tax on all motor vehicle purchases (private or dealer, in‑state or out), but this tax is not collected by us. It will be levied at the Registry of Motor Vehicles at the time of registration. If you have a trade‑in vehicle, you will only pay sales tax on the price difference between your new vehicle and your trade. There is no Massachusetts sales tax collected on any purchases made from MA dealers by international or out‑of‑state customers. Once you get the vehicle to your state or country of residence, local sales taxes and/or import duty will likely apply.

Do you have a service department?
We do have a fully equipped vehicle service facility, which allows us to ensure all of our inventory is in top mechanical shape. However, we do not run a retail service or maintenance store.

I am a Canadian customer. Can you assist me with vehicle importation?
Yes. Many of our recent customers have taken advantage of favorable exchange rates to purchase US vehicles for importation into Canada. The process is fairly simple and we will gladly walk you through it. What's more, some vehicles such as the Volkswagen Jetta, Mercedes-Benz GL and ML Class, BMW X5, Acura MDX and many others are exempt from Canadian import duties because they are made in North America (US, Canada or Mexico).

I am an international customer. Can you help me with vehicle shipping?
Yes. We use the services of a Boston‑based shipping company called III Star Freight for all out overseas shipping needs. Michael Kravetski, our contact at III Star, can be reached at +1‑617‑567‑6300. He can provide information about possible shipping ports, cost quotes and timeframe estimates. Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure that the vehicle you are buying is admissible for import into your country. You should also be fully aware of all applicable import duties and fees (which run quite high for some countries that are highly protective of their domestic market).

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